Human Trafficking Series EP1: Dominique McGee (Warning: Adult Subject Matter)

Dominique McGee may the most remarkable person I have ever met. Meeting her in person was the reason I felt the need to do this series on Human Trafficking and Slavery. Her fortitude, character, and spirit in the face of unspeakable hardships is nearly impossible to believer. 

Listening to Dominique’s story is not easy to hear, and its not meant to be. Her story shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it does, every single day. This interview will affect you profoundly as you learn the horros and nightmarish reality of sex trafficking, I know it did me.

However, Dominque is not a victim, and will never be one. She has now turned pain into fighting by dedicating her life to prevention of Sex Trafficking. My hope is that the listener learns just how profoundly serious this issue is, and ignoring it is no longer and option. 

Check out this episode!

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